Wednesday, February 17, 2010

University Week 2010 in DLSU

Animo Bazaar
One of the things I love about University Week!

This week is University Week in DLSU. It is my second University Week ever since I started working for La Salle. There are two things I look forward to during Univeristy Week- food and the Animo Bazaar.

Rose, Kyle and I at the Animo Bazaar
Photo taken by Doods Delos Reyes

Leaving the Peanut Butter and Jeri booth.
They sell clothes, bags, and accessories. One of the most checked out booths.
Photo Credit: Doods Delos Reyes

My first purchase at the Animo Bazaar was 3 pairs of earrings. All for Php 130!   

Lovely Earrings!

Most of the booths in the Animo Bazaar are selling shirts...statement shirts, graphic shirts, shirts about DLSU pride.. etc. But this one has got to be my favorite:

Statement shirts on hell week and cramming
I loved their statements so much that I just had to get one for DJ.

The shirt says it all!

The shirt is just absolutely perfect for DJ who goes through hell week every week. That's how it is in med school, most especially in UST Med. I'm planning to get 2 more pieces of this shirt for my brother and cousin who are both taking up Nursing in UST too. All three of them struggle to get through hell week every week, and well so far they have never failed. 

Moving on, there was this booth that sells pretty vintage accessories. A bit pricey,though, but really really pretty. The stones of their bracelets are from Tibet and that's what makes it pricey. 

Vintage Love
Charms, Bracelets and Necklaces made of Tibetan stones.

My favorite!
I wanted to get this so bad but I'm on a very tight budget so maybe next time. 

And of course there were a number of food stands in the area. Among the participants were Sbarro, Tokyo Tokyo, Dulcinea and many more. But one of the things that made my day was the Snow Cone stand!
Me and Kyle  with our Ice Cones!!!
Just in time for the summer season!
Photo Credit: Doods Delos Reyes'

University Week in DLSU is a super fun week and it's one of the reasons why I love working in DLSU. I get to experience what's it's like to be a college student again..well, kind of. =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flower Power

Valentines Day Fever!
A bunch of bouquets being sold in one of the stalls in Dangwa

I just wanted to share some of the photos I took last week. As I have mentioned in my last post, DJ lives around the area of Dangwa and last week Dangwa was majorly busy for the most obvious reason of all- Valentines Day.

A pink gerbera smiling for the camera.
This is my favorite kind of flower. 

Even so, I love how Dangwa gets extra colorful on Valentines Week. I super love anything and everything  nice and colorful. Since it was Valentines week , I decided to dedicate the whole week of my Project 365 to it by taking pictures from Dangwa. So armed with my camera, I took photos of the beautiful and vibrant flowers around the infamous flower market called Dangwa.

More flowers!!!
The picture on the left reminds me of the sunset because of the color of the flowers. The second photo just goes to show that roses will always be an essential on Valentines Day. 

I enjoyed taking photos of these beautiful flowers so much that they've become my new favorite photography subject next to Lily Bun. They're just one of God's wonderful creations that never fail to amaze me. 

Vea Loved VDay!

I had by far, the best Valentines Day or should I say weekend ever!

For almost three years of dating, it was the first time for me and DJ to spend Valentines Day together. His apartment is around the area of Dangwa and I remember joking around and telling him that there would be no excuse at all for him to NOT buy me flowers on Valentines Day because he lives in a street where flowers are practically everywhere. All he said was his ever signature line "we'll see".

Anyway, he did not fail me. He got me flowers alright and it came along with a gift I never ever thought he  would get me - the hot pink Parker pen.

DJ's Valentines Day Surprise
A hot pink Parker pen and a bouquet of 12 roses and 1 red gerbera. 

I learned about this pen when I read one of Joei's blog entries and I instantly fell in love with it. It's so Elle Woods and I love Elle Woods. I only mentioned it to DJ once and I never thought he'd remember or even think of getting it for me. I didn't expect a big bouquet and a pretty pricey pen since we both lost a lot of money from having our Macbooks repaired a few weeks ago. Oh and it was my first bouquet ever! Anyway, I didn't have a lot of money so I only got him this: 

Cello's Doughnuts personalized doughnuts
In DJ's favorite flavors- oreo and m&m

I'm glad he liked what I got him. I'll make it up to him sooner or later. What matters is that after 2 years of being apart, we finally got to spend Valentines Day together for the very first time. We opted to just stay in since we figured traffic was gonna be bad considering it was Valentines Day, Chinese New Year and payday. It was all good. <3

Hope you guys had a lovely Valentines Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm a Dashing Diva

DJ wanted to get rid of his in-grown so since we're in Rockwell that time, we headed to Dashing Diva. I decided to get a manicure since I figured it will take a long time for the in-grown removal. I was wrong. The manicure took longer than I expected it to be. I didn't get to take a lot of pictures because my hands and nails were busy getting pampered and someone was getting grumpy from waiting. 

The bored boyfriend
DJ resorted to do homework while waiting for me to finish.

Satisfied Customer
Ate Angel and I. She took good care of my nails and did a wonderful French manicure on them. 

I just loved everything about the place. Pretty pink and white interiors. Kind and accommodating staff. Clean and sanitized work areas and tools. Amazing service. You will truly get your money's worth! 

I adore their Nail Treatment products. 
From L to R: Dashing Diva's Cuti-Peel and Dashing Diva's Cuticle Nectar

I am in love with Cuti-Peel's color. I wish they had a nail polish that has the same color but they don't. Anyway, the Cuti-Peel is basically their cuticle remover. While The Cuticle Nectar is an "orange scented aroma oil that nourishes the cuticle and nurtures nail growth.It moisturizes and conditions the nails." It smells super good too!!!

I will definitely come back to have Dashing Diva nails. After all, every girl deserves glorious pampering from time-to-time. Dashing Diva is located inside Beauty Bar branches. Go get those nails done, girls!

So Many Sweets So Little Time!!!

So my Saturday started out early since it was the day of the Graduate Admissions Test for the College of Business and Economics. Different tests were given to the examinees depending on their chosen program. In my case, MBA, there were 2 essays given, reading comprehension, correct the sentence and the like and of course my most dreaded part ever - MATH! Anyway, it was hard and only God knows if I made it to the program or not. But i'm gonna keep my fingers crossed while waiting.

I hung out at the office for a bit then headed to Rockwell to meet up with DJ who was having a food-tasting for his frat's induction ball. He just got past hell week so this means Satudate for us. Luckily, Rockwell was having its Bakers Fair for all the weekends of February. This was the second time for us to attend the Bakers Fair and we always end up full and satisfied from all the free tastes! (Too bad I misplaced all the fliers and cards from every booth so I don't remember the names of where each photos were taken from. Will surely edit this as soon as I find them)

Colorful and yummy treats!

Carrot Cakes!
One of my favorites. It's very moist and tasty. i really have to find the fliers for this!

Red Velvet Love!!!
I am a fan of red velvet flavored goodies! This just looks too good to eat. Too bad they didn't have any free samples for this.

Goodies galore!
Perfect just in time for Valentines Day

I wanted to take more pictures but I was too busy tasting and inquiring about the goodies. Anyway, my old-time favorites were also present at the fair. Like The Sweet Life of Ange's Brazo de Mercedes with Ice Cream! The best brazo i've ever had in my life! And of course, Iya's Jumbo Pastillas who just launched two new flavors! I loved their yema-filled pastillas! So many goodies, so little time!!!! All the treats there are perfect to give to your family, friends, and loved ones. 

Visit the Bakers Fair on all weekends of February. Be sure to visit every booth. 

Macbook Mishap

So last Thursday, I woke up to find my Macbook not working anymore. It was like frozen with this wheel thingy moving as if it's loading of some sort but it's not really working. It was frozen like that. So I  took off the battery and put it back on and pressed the power button. It still worked but it only showed a white screen without the Apple logo like it normally does.

A few minutes after, DJ's Macbook Pro's screen turned blue. He did the same thing I did with my battery and the restarting. He almost got the same results as mine. His Macbook Pro had  the white screen going but with  the Apple logo and the loading wheel going. BUT it won't go past that phase. 

We went to the nearest authorized Apple service center which is in Robinson's Ermita. Mark, the service guy, said the both our hard drives are busted.. So we had to buy a new one for our macs to work. Unfortunately for me, I don't have any back up at all. DJ made use of his Time Machine and still has everything on his external. Those are worth 2 years of documents, pictures and memories down the drain for me. =(

I just find it weird that both our macs got busted the same time. So now my macbook seems to be good as new. It's been completely wiped off. Anyway, moral lesson for me is summarized into two short words: BACK UP! I'm getting myself an external HD so I can back up all my files and not lose them in a snap if something like this happens again. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fridate: Legion and The Blind Side

So the 3rd shifting exam for UST med students are finally over and it was time about time for them to chill, party and unwind. DJ and I just wanted to relax so we decided to watch two movies: Legion and The Blind Side.


Both DJ and I are fascinated by stories of angels. So upon seeing the trailer of Legion last year when we went to see Avatar, we made plans to go see it once it comes out..and that we did.

Legion was basically all about God losing faith in mankind and ordering the angels to terminate its existence. But Michael the Archangel (portrayed by Paul Bettany) still hasn't given up on the people and went down to earth to save mankind by protecting a woman who's supposed to be carrying the savior of mankind.

It was okay. I'd give it like 3 to 3.5 stars out 5. My friend read a review somewhere saying that it was like Terminator+Exorcism combined. It was pretty much like that, yeah. It was pretty good except for the ending. In my opinion, the ending wasn't that justified yet. I found myself asking, so what's gonna happen now? DJ thinks it's like a test plot to see if there's gonna be a sequel to that or something. All in all, though, i'd say it was okay but it could have been better by adding more substance to it. I love Paul Bettany! He never fails.

On a lighter note, DJ and I couldn't help but notice how angel Gabriel has always been the villain in movies such as Constantine and this one particular movie we couldn't remember. Maybe i'll research about that soon.

The Blind Side

One of the most beautiful movies I've seen ever!

This is a true story about NFL star Michael Oher who started out as a homeless kid and crosses path with a loving well-off family that took him in their care and treated him as a part of them already. At the height of discrimination, he was loved by the Touhys despite the color of his skin and his inefficiency with his studies.  He was faced with challenges that he got passed through with the help of the family. Eventually, he was able to make it to his high school's football team and does incredibly well due to his protective instincts as offensive tackle. Sooner after, he was offered several college scholarships and ends up being the NFL star that he is right now.

I had a heavy heart all throughout the first hour of the movie. The harshness of reality on poverty and discrimination was totally palpable and I just couldn't help but feel sorry on how he led his early years prior to meeting the Touhys. This movie is so beautiful and so well made. the actors did well and I just have to say that Sandra Bullock still looks gorgeous as ever!

I have so much love for this movie that i'm gonna watch it again!